Synergy Attends ChallengeHER Workshop

20th AnniversarySynergy Computer Solutions is always active in the Metro Detroit community. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) we work hard to further the movement of women in technology and advancing in other verticals within the workforce. This past week Synergy’s Rene’ Bryant represented our organization at the ChallengeHER summit at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. ChallengeHer focuses on opportunities for women in federal contracting. The idea behind the program is to level the playing field and assist women in competing for government contracts. The group accomplishes this goal by familiarizing its participants with various programs such as the Women Owned Small Business Set Aside and educating individuals on the finer aspects of obtaining a government contract.  The August 9th event was no exception.


The early part of the morning was spent discussing how to create set-asides through utilizing WOSB with Pamela Thompson of the Procurement Center of the U.S. Small Business Association. This session was followed up with an amazing panel discussing working with federal buyers.  The three person panel consisting of the aforementioned Pamela Thompson, Bonita Carroll (Deputy for Small Business, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), and Jeanne Schabath, (Small Business Senior Buyer, General Dynamics Land Systems) all helped answer any questions event participants had about how to deal with, how to research for, and how to effectively market to government entities in order to win  a contract.


With multiple representatives from various local government agencies in attendance, the ChallengeHER event was also a useful networking event for all of the ladies in attendance. All in all, Synergy had a wonderful time at the seminar and would like to commend the sponsors of the event both locally and nationally for putting on such a value-added production. Supporting the advancement of women in government contracting? WE DO THAT!

Synergy Hits its Stride at MMPC

IMG_3092Each year during the first week in May we are reminded again why diversity is so important. No, I’m not referencing a national holiday or even a news story making headlines, but that does not diminish the importance of the events that take place. From May 4-7, the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council, (MMSDC), hosted an event that brought Minority Business Enterprises together and served as an intermediary to those companies seeking to allocate their minority spend. Together, minority suppliers and purchasers alike, participated in an amazing three days of celebrating diversity and promoting commerce amongst the business owners in Michigan.

As in previous years, Cobo Hall was bustling like the auto show was on a reunion tour – and at the center of it all was Synergy Computer Solutions. Synergy, as always, participated in the show’s many events and even sponsored a booth at the MMSDC Minority Procurement Conference’s Opportunity Fair. Everything appeared to be status quo, however, what did change was what Synergy has to offer. This year Synergy Computer Solutions debuted its Continuous Improvement application and it created some buzz!

Armed with a digital media display, Synergy’s Business Development Managers and Sales Reps were busy all day long showing off the new innovation to interested individuals from all walks of industry.  The booth was not the only place Synergy was drawing a crowd. While walking the floor with our new Microsoft Surface Pro, Synergy employees could hardly take a step without being approached to explain what the interesting application was that scrolled across our tablet screen. By day’s end and almost 20 requests for product demonstrations,  Synergy left the MMPC with validation that the application was a hit. From robotics to automobiles, warehouse management to coating applications, Synergy had successfully engaged several companies servicing multiple verticals.

All in all, the MMPC served as a reminder to Synergy, its staff, and its customers that we continue to be on the cusp of new and innovative solutions that help our clients “solve IT problems.” We are truly grateful for the opportunities the MMPC and the MMSDC have presented and we look forward to continuing to support MBEs and expanding diversity in the IT realm. Working to improve our clients’ workplace while promoting diversity? WE DO THAT!

Synergy bridges the gap in IT diversity.


International Women’s Day, March 8th, is observed by multiple countries across the globe to celebrate the efforts of women both in the home and in the work place. It is important we recognize how far the women’s suffrage/rights movement has come. From women not being able to vote as early as the start of the 1900’s to now being in contention to become president of the United States of America in 2016, the rights of women both domestically and abroad have grown leaps and bounds.

Prior to the 1900s, women did not have many rights, not just in terms of voting, or the ability to influence change, but in the work place as well. Conditions and privileges for women in the factories and various other occupations were considered substandard at best. That is what paved the way for the demonstration in New York City 1908 where on February 28th the seeds were planted for International Women’s Day. It was here that the female garment workers of New York organized a strike to protest the atrocious working conditions. When these atrocities were brought to light, change soon began to follow leading to the celebration of the holiday in New York a year later in 1909. This series of events set in motion the organization of women around the globe. In the following year, 1910, spurred on by the strike in New York City, the Socialist International Women’s Organization met in Copenhagen and established a definitive International Women’s Day to honor the movement for women’s rights and garner support for universal women’s suffrage.  This movement would gain additional steam in communist Russia and other Soviet states until Moscow officially recognized the day in 1917.Ironically the west didn’t observe the popular and widely accepted event until 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim the March 8th date as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace.

International Women’s Day is momentous in that it helps bring to light many problems women have faced in the work force and now we have started to see major progress. One of those issues is the startlingly low percentage of women in the tech field, but even with this effort, the male dominated IT world has started to change things up. The current work force is comprised of 56% women; however they only hold 25% of jobs in the IT field. This number is slowly but surely starting to grow. Not just at the entry level either, 11% of women are in C-level positions in Fortune 500 corporations, and 5% of tech startups are women owned and this number too is on the rise. The Carly Fiorinas of the world will soon have company in those managerial roles at top level IT corporations, and we could not be more excited about that.

Synergy Computer Solutions is a certified Minority Business Enterprise who supports diversity in IT, but did you know that at Synergy’s Detroit Headquarters alone, half of our employees are women?  Many of them are from different backgrounds and because of that at Synergy we have five languages being spoken in the office at any given time. Synergy has female employees with roots tracing back to countries from Europe, multiple Indian representatives, some from Mexico, and also those of African American descent. With all these cultures represented, it is easy to see how Synergy is doing its part to buck the trend and celebrate women in IT. We are proud to promote diversity in the workplace and firmly stand committed to gender equality. Celebrate International Women’s Day by having an extremely diverse work force? WE DO THAT.

Synergy Spotlight: Sridhar Reddy


“It is a great feeling knowing you have the independence to establish your own direction.” This is what Sridhar Reddy commented when asked why he loved working for Synergy Computer Solutions; it’s this flexibility that has led to his continued success, within Synergy and in the IT industry.  Sridhar Reddy has been with Synergy for 20 wonderful years and has done just about everything from working in the field, at a client site; in the office supporting different initiatives and now as an executive.

34f9fa37-88b5-4305-949b-fe07f1ee28ca-largeSridhar Reddy currently holds the position of Synergy’s Director of Global Delivery and Solutions. He is involved with various aspects of Synergy, the majority of which focus on the creation, development, implementation and delivery of Synergy Computer Solutions’ I
T resources and packaged solutions.  Reddy has also participated in new product presentations and demonstrations for potential customers. Moreover he serves as the point of contact and moderator between the Offshore Development Center and our Synergy employees both in the office and in the field.

Sridhar Reddy studied Biomedical Engineering in his native country of India. Upon graduation he traveled to America to pursue his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami. It was at this time Reddy would meet Sridhar Guduguntla via a mutual friend at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This relationship would prove valuable after his experiences at University of Miami.  Reddy would continue on to receive his PHD from the University of Miami in the same field.  During his PHD studies Reddy became proficient in another art as well. While preforming various aspects of his research it was necessary to conduct his own programming, thus, the more research that was needed the more he programmed. Reddy became extremely proficient in the art of programming

Upon graduating with his Doctorate Reddy put his plethora of programming experience to use and became an independent IT consultant. After various successful projects with multiple clients, Reddy received a call from Mr. Guduguntla asking if he would like to become a part of his next project, Synergy Computer Solutions. From there the rest is history. Reddy has done everything from running wires to get the Chicago office online to serving as a senior consultant and has even has done work as a field consultant. Reddy truly is the embodiment of putting Synergy first and doing what needs to be done to help our company.

Reddy stated “The Technology Industry has jumped so much, and the learning curve is much steeper,” “No other field has grown as fast as IT and maintaining trends is a huge challenge.” Reddy has not only helped Synergy keep pace with these changes, but has kept our company ahead of the curve. Working closely with our Off Shore resources, he has been able to solve many IT problems, something he attributes to the freedom Synergy provides.

We would like to thank Reddy for his outstanding performance over these last twenty years, and look forward to celebrating 20 more. His dedication to this company is second to none and one of the reasons why Synergy remains a step above.

Make Recurting Personal Again.

With the speed that everything moves now a days its easy to forget that recruiting and hiring is supposed to be a fairly personal process. automated services have caused some larger corporations to lose sight of this fact. modern day web submittals, key work filters, and large ATS systems have made the modern day hiring process feel like a meat grinder operation. All hope is not lost. Companies like Synergy Computer Solutions make sure that we get to know each and everyone of our employees and our clients. We find that needle in the haystack talent and submit only the best candidates to our customers so that we can assure that both our employees and our customers happy and successful. This article by Liz Ryan hit the nail on the head. Join Synergy and help make recruiting a personal experience again!