Synergy Cares

IMG_4139.JPGWith the holidays coming to a close, we are able to reflect on the year that was, and how fortunate we are. If you are reading this, we can assume you have Internet access, you are utilizing some type of mobile device or a computer, and you are looking at professional blogs instead of “Help Wanted” ads. This would make you more fortunate than most people in the world.

At Synergy Computer Solutions we recognize holidays are not only for spending time with those important to us, but we also see it as a time to give to the less fortunate and help promote worthwhile causes. As we have done in the past, Synergy teamed up with the Detroit Rescue Mission (DRM) to do just that by donating blankets and toiletries to help make the holiday season a little brighter for some of Detroit’s less fortunate.

Making an impact in our local community has always been a priority here at Synergy and we couldn’t think of a better partner to do that with than the Detroit Rescue Mission. The DRM is a Non-Profit Organization with multiple locations around Detroit and has been helping those who have fallen on hard times since 1909. They provide housing for veterans recovering from substance abuse and to women and children in need. In addition to soup kitchens and treatment programs, the DRM provides multiple other services to those less fortunate. By providing comprehensive substance abuse, detox, and job training programs, the Detroit Rescue Mission gives all participants the tools they need to succeed.

Synergy commends the work of this wonderful organization and would like to encourage all of you to start off the New Year right by donating to the Detroit Rescue Mission or any other worthwhile cause. Through the efforts of this community, we can come together and ensure the city of Detroit, and its’ surrounding neighborhoods will have a better and brighter future. When it comes to community outreach, Synergy cares!

Synergy Attends ChallengeHER Workshop

20th AnniversarySynergy Computer Solutions is always active in the Metro Detroit community. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) we work hard to further the movement of women in technology and advancing in other verticals within the workforce. This past week Synergy’s Rene’ Bryant represented our organization at the ChallengeHER summit at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. ChallengeHer focuses on opportunities for women in federal contracting. The idea behind the program is to level the playing field and assist women in competing for government contracts. The group accomplishes this goal by familiarizing its participants with various programs such as the Women Owned Small Business Set Aside and educating individuals on the finer aspects of obtaining a government contract.  The August 9th event was no exception.


The early part of the morning was spent discussing how to create set-asides through utilizing WOSB with Pamela Thompson of the Procurement Center of the U.S. Small Business Association. This session was followed up with an amazing panel discussing working with federal buyers.  The three person panel consisting of the aforementioned Pamela Thompson, Bonita Carroll (Deputy for Small Business, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), and Jeanne Schabath, (Small Business Senior Buyer, General Dynamics Land Systems) all helped answer any questions event participants had about how to deal with, how to research for, and how to effectively market to government entities in order to win  a contract.


With multiple representatives from various local government agencies in attendance, the ChallengeHER event was also a useful networking event for all of the ladies in attendance. All in all, Synergy had a wonderful time at the seminar and would like to commend the sponsors of the event both locally and nationally for putting on such a value-added production. Supporting the advancement of women in government contracting? WE DO THAT!

Synergy Hits its Stride at MMPC

IMG_3092Each year during the first week in May we are reminded again why diversity is so important. No, I’m not referencing a national holiday or even a news story making headlines, but that does not diminish the importance of the events that take place. From May 4-7, the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council, (MMSDC), hosted an event that brought Minority Business Enterprises together and served as an intermediary to those companies seeking to allocate their minority spend. Together, minority suppliers and purchasers alike, participated in an amazing three days of celebrating diversity and promoting commerce amongst the business owners in Michigan.

As in previous years, Cobo Hall was bustling like the auto show was on a reunion tour – and at the center of it all was Synergy Computer Solutions. Synergy, as always, participated in the show’s many events and even sponsored a booth at the MMSDC Minority Procurement Conference’s Opportunity Fair. Everything appeared to be status quo, however, what did change was what Synergy has to offer. This year Synergy Computer Solutions debuted its Continuous Improvement application and it created some buzz!

Armed with a digital media display, Synergy’s Business Development Managers and Sales Reps were busy all day long showing off the new innovation to interested individuals from all walks of industry.  The booth was not the only place Synergy was drawing a crowd. While walking the floor with our new Microsoft Surface Pro, Synergy employees could hardly take a step without being approached to explain what the interesting application was that scrolled across our tablet screen. By day’s end and almost 20 requests for product demonstrations,  Synergy left the MMPC with validation that the application was a hit. From robotics to automobiles, warehouse management to coating applications, Synergy had successfully engaged several companies servicing multiple verticals.

All in all, the MMPC served as a reminder to Synergy, its staff, and its customers that we continue to be on the cusp of new and innovative solutions that help our clients “solve IT problems.” We are truly grateful for the opportunities the MMPC and the MMSDC have presented and we look forward to continuing to support MBEs and expanding diversity in the IT realm. Working to improve our clients’ workplace while promoting diversity? WE DO THAT!

Tech Trends: The Gun For Hire

Hyderabad India, Silicon Valley California, Detroit Michigan. At first glance most would come to the conclusion that one of these things is clearly not like the other. Quick quiz: What is Silicon Valley best known for? Answer: tech capital of the west coast, and maybe the world. What is Hyderabad know for? Answer: again, technology hub. And finally what is Detroit known for? Ice hockey? Coney dogs? In this case both of those answers would be wrong. To keep with the theme, “Detroit Rock City” is quickly becoming the — wait for it….. “Tech Capital of the Midwest” That’s right, Woodward Ave has been megabitten by the tech bug and it’s transforming the landscape of the workforce in southeastern Michigan. Some would speculate that this influx of IT jobs has created a utopic situation for companies and HR managers with people thinking positions are filled left and right. Almost as though Oprah is sitting in the board room during interviews screaming “YOU GET A JOB, YOU GET A JOB, EVERY ONE GETS A JOB!” However this is not the reality.

photo credit : NY Times
photo credit : NY Times

An underlying theme has become increasingly clear; there is a multitude of software based or IT jobs out there. The resources that are not as commonly available are the specialized talent needed to fill these open seats. This major discord in supply and demand has put a strain on an area of IT businesses, that being HR and talent acquisition departments. According to a TechCrunch article, The Fundamental Fallacy of Modern Recruiting Written by Danny Crichton , it is a unanimously accepted fact that recruiting is essential to your business growth.

Many a company knows that by the time you are granting an individual an interview, 90% of the recruiting is already done.” What most companies struggle with is mapping out and executing that 90% of the vetting process. To the naked eye, it might be hard to see why this is so difficult. Is it the lack of skilled labor to fill these qualified positions? Or is it the laundry list of unqualified applicants that submit for positions they have no businesses applying for? In today’s job searching landscape, ease of applying for a job allows for high school dropouts to submit resumes for positions allowing them to preform brain surgery. This creates headaches for and can often overwhelm unprepared HR departments making them feel as though they are searching for a purple squirrel. There is however another problem here that quite a few people ignore: competition from an unlikely source.

If your company is fortunate enough to find that needle in the hay stack resource that you needed…what

image property of Crain's Detroit
image property of Crain’s Detroit

can you do to keep them there? Retention is a HUGE part of keeping a company successful. IT companies are scrambling to make sure they are not the ones singing a Taylor Swift-esque tune in the wake of a departure for greener pastures. A Crain’s Business Journal  article by Dustin Walsh provides us some incite here as to just how common this occurrence is. According to the publication, there are over 4,000 more postings for Information Technology jobs in 2014 than there were a year ago. Let’s take it a step further. Software, and software related position were the most common in south eastern Michigan in Q1 with 5,090 postings and the next closest category was 1,000 postings off that pace.

So where does the issue lie? Well Crain’s does not just provide us these staggering numbers but also highlights the problem this influx in demand has created. When interviewing Colby Cesaro, Research Director at Workforce Intelligence Network, the publication touched on the comments that, “… you can’t train a world class IT professional in a day…” which leads to the next point and the trend that has businesses on guard: “The bottleneck created an ultra-competitive market where employee poaching is commonplace as the workforce plays catch up.” What we have created is a corporate gauntlet. Not only do you have to go through a gladiator-style fight to find a “technical do it all” but then you will have to battle tooth and nail to keep them. Seems inefficient does it not? There has to be a better way. Enter the knight in shining armor riding on a white horse, the IT Contractor and the Staffing agency that brings them right to your door.

If someone has an IT project they need to complete, that project likely has specific requirements. The company will often have a certain platform the application is going to be created in, or maybe a specific language is needed to write code. With all these unique requirements, we can comfortably conclude that no IT project or solution is the same. So why then would we try to fit the same very distinctly shaped peg into multiple sized holes? It makes no sense. There will be gaps, and as we know empty and unused space means things are being missed.

That right there is the difference between being Apple and being BlackBerry. Do you want to be the company expanding into new industries or the one filing for Chapter 11? It’s a simple principle: when demand exceeds supply the market must react to adjust and level the curve out. In the case of the IT industry we are starting to see that great equalizer and it is coming in the form of the IT contractor.

It is becoming ever rarer to see tech professionals staying on and spending their entire career or let alone a decade in one place. Why you ask? With the rate our industry is changing, companies have different tech demands on not a year-to-year basis but on a month-to-month basis. It seems as though we are finding it more economical to seek out people to carry out different projects rather than search for the “unicorn” that can do it all. This, in part, is due to the rate that individual would command and the efforts it would take to retain them. The bigger the desired skill set, the more you drive up the price.

If your company is looking to implement a resource that requires a K2 specialist for a quick hit project does it make sense to hire on this person full time, making sure they can fill other areas that might be lacking? Or to get the job done and move on? When our cars have a transmission problem, we pay to have our vehicle fixed – not hire a full time mechanic. And that is where we are headed.

Tech companies are breathing sighs of relief as this solves both of our above issues. The list of requirements that companies are seeking will be on a project-by-project basis. This spares us the hours spent looking for your company’s next five tool player. Furthermore, due to the fact that once the project is completed you both have the option of parting ways; the likelihood of poaching is all but eliminated. Combine this with IT staffing /resource companies making finding these contractors easy and making sure they are retro fitted to your business needs, you would be crazy to say no.

The faster the IT landscape changes, the shorter the stay of the IT employee at their respective company will be. Companies like Synergy Computer Solutions will be at the forefront of the IT world as this hiring trend gains traction. Synergy can deliver individuals who can complete your project on time and on budget. Need to find IT professionals to fulfill your business’s needs? WE DO THAT

Michigan Minority Procurement Conference

Synergy Computer Solutions is a proud member of the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council. On Tuesday, May 5th through Thursday, May 7th the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council will be at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, hosting the annual Michigan Minority Procurement Conference. Synergy will be in attendance at the MMPC and displaying at our booth #671. Synergy, which was founded in 1995 by Sridhar Guduguntla, has been a member of the MMSDC since 2000 and has been active in the minority business community ever since. We look forward to seeing everyone in Detroit, so stop by and visit Synergy, your number one supplier for solving IT problems!mmsdc