Why Settle for “Good Not Great”


imgresWe all have that one thing in our home or office we literally hate using. Just think of the movie Office Space, Mr. Niena…..Nineana …Niniajhad?..however you say it, literally was swinging for the fence like Prince Fielder due to his problems with copy machine paper jams. For me it’s my snow blower, I can never get the darn thing to start, and when it does, it never works properly. Despite how much I hate it, you won’t see is me going all 1950’s and shoveling the drive way. Why? Because I have a small frame and can’t stand when I hit a crack in the cement and impale myself with the shovel handle (don’t lie, you’ve been there) Does it stop me from wishing there was something better out there? Sadly, no.


Can anyone else think about another product like this? One that does a lot of things better than average but not good enough to stop you from looking for something better? According to the Newsroom by Gartner Technologies, that other product would be Microsoft SharePoint. It’s widely known that Microsoft SharePoint is present in many an office building across the country, maybe even the world. What is less evident is that many professionals view working in SharePoint like eating crappy pizza after a long night out. In some aspect you’re disappointed, but then again part of you is still saying, “Meh. Any pizza is better than no pizza.” When Jeffrey Mann, Research Vice President at Gartner was asked about SharePoint, he replied:


A large part of its success comes from providing reasonable support for most of the things, most people, need most of the time. Together with support from the third-party developer ecosystem, this brand promise has made SharePoint widely deployed. However, few end users really love using it. It remains a tool that people are required to use, not one they want to use.”


imgresSo what we can gather here is we have something that professionals are using on a day to day basis that does things well enough, but no one really knows how or bothers to optimize it, or find a way to make it streamlined and practical. Typical approach right?
Remember the tale of the snow blower? Well had I taken the time to read the manual or asked for an expert opinion, I would have known hitting the primer button 20 times wouldn’t make it start any faster, and running it with the choke wide open wouldn’t help get me a clear driveway.


Same thing applies here, if companies would take the time or invest the funds to actually not just pay for the product but harness the powerful application they have available and properly allocate it’s abilities to better accomplish tasks, it would clear up ill feelings about the program rather quickly.  In fact one of SharePoint’s strengths is it’s versatility and ability to be customized, yet few people know or can take advantage of it. Tell me, how backwards is that? Your company hands you a square peg and everyday asks you to fit it into a round hole, repeatedly! I’d be frustrated to the point where my face changes color, might even switch jobs. Only thing is, you would likely run into the same issue at the next stop. Why? Because this problem is widespread and many companies won’t ask for help due to cost or lack of awareness. Mr. Mann continued to say:


We regularly hear end users and administrators complain about features or user-experience improvements that they would like to see in SharePoint. Although they want new functionality, they are less keen to have more upgrades, which are seen as expensive, disruptive and time-consuming.


So again this begs the question: instead of spending money aimlessly for people to use something they are not sure they like, why would you not outsource?  It’s been noted above a large part of the success of SharePoint in everyday business happens when you pair it with a third party as mentioned earlier. Why fight it? There is no shame in admitting an outside company can help you utilize something better than your current resources can. If this leads to you better utilizing and allocating your efforts, then it should be a no brainer.


What it comes down to is we have to get out of our way.  There is no shame contracting out a third party expert, much like there is no shame in reading the instructions.  Often times the cost of confiding in a SharePoint expert is less than that of the cumulative man-hours wasted with people fumbling around more than the Detroit Lions do on the field and in the front office. In the end, what you will end up with will be a better working program that gets the job done. You will have scored major points for streamlining your process and making your company’s SharePoint experience a walk in the park rather than dinner at your in-laws.

Not many things in IT last 20 years…We DID.

20th Anniversary20 years… a lot can change in 20 years. We have had four different presidents. Gas prices have gone from a buck a gallon to north of 4 dollars. We have moved from tape decks to Bluetooth speakers. The landscape of the world we knew in 1995 has been drastically altered, but one thing has remained constant. Synergy Computer Solutions. Despite a tech bubble bust that dammed most pre Y2K consulting businesses Synergy has consistently found a way to not only survive a very fast paced and ever changing IT industry, but has managed to thrive in it. The reason? The company operates with the mentality of creating enterprise value. Sridhar Guduguntla Synergy Computer Solutions President and CEO has preached this since the inception of the company, and it has paid major dividends. Synergy employees know they are all contributing and working to add value to the company not just their own personal position. There has always been a mentality of do what is good for Synergy and put Synergy first and that corporate culture has led to happy employees, and a fruitful company. The journey has seen Synergy reside in three separate corporate headquarters in the metro Detroit area, four if you count the basement the company started in. We have been on three continents and seen offices in cities spanning from Houston Texas to Columbia South Carolina. No matter the location Synergy’s mission stays the same, provide the best resources to solve IT problems quickly and effectively. This is what allowed Synergy to be a constant. our ability to get to know our clients, our ability to source the best possible resources and do so in a economical and timely manner. While the world around us may has changed, Synergy’s abilities have only gotten better. We have added an offshore development center, we have developed new talent sourcing techniques, and are even pioneering our own innovative solutions. they say only the strong survive. it would seem as though Synergy Computer Solutions is now stronger and more versatile than ever. Here is to twenty more years and all the changes that will come about with them. We hope that one thing however,  will remain the same. You continue to let Synergy Computer solutions solve your IT problems, because as we has been the case for the past 20 years, WE DO THAT!

Thank you and cheers,

-Synergy Staff-

Dawn of The IOT, Get Your Java Ready

Java can have multiple meanings depending on what context its being used in. one thing about Java is for sure, its not going anywhere anytime soon

For most people the term Java brings to mind a wealth of different things. The majority of the population might think it’s an overpriced latte in a white cup with your name terribly misspelled on the sleeve. However, to the members of the IT industry, it’s not only the thing that gets our eyes open at 8 AM, but also the language we utilized to create a wealth of applications the general public uses every day. Since 1995 Java has been a hot button topic in our circles, and furthermore, if you are one of the diminishing numbers of individuals who have mastered Java you are likely a hot commodity as well

Java can range from any bundle of architecture, libraries, platforms, programming languages, or even a virtual machine. Hard to believe something technology-based created over 20 years ago is still very relevant and furthermore, is poised to remain in the limelight. Yes, it was quite the feat back in the day when Java hit the market with features like ability to move software between Windows and early Mac OS’s, providing users with a built-in Graphical User Interface, and providing security and performance standards previously thought of as impossible by industry standards. That was just the beginning. From that point on Java has continued to be an innovator in the IT  and software development world.

Over the last two decades, as noted by Cameron Laird in his article “Unfinished Business Java has shown us that GUI elements can be programmed portably, we also know a portable implemented language can be swift and agile making Java adaptable, and most important, serious organizations have been, and will continue to be depending on software that they have not paid for because it was developed in-house. It should also be noted that given the innovative and versatile nature of Java it does do one thing that other programming languages and other software development platforms have not been able to do. That is uniting programmers and becoming the universal standard for programming that’s globally relevant and now being taught to the next generation of software developers.

Twenty years later Java has proven it’s no flash in the pan, and I’m here to echo the sentiment: it’s got some real staying power. Unlike Google+, or Windows Vista, Java is taking hold with the next generation of software developers and programmers alike, making sure it will be here until the Internet and computing as we know it is for all intents and purposes unrecognizable. The reason? Outside industry influence. Due to the mass of programs and software currently operating on the Java platform, the IT community has recognized the need to maintain and update these applications. Due to this epiphany, we have seen a major fiscal investment for institutions and school systems to allocate resources worldwide to teaching the newest generation of computer programmers Java-based programming and development techniques. It’s in place at multiple schools and institutions ensuring the language is maintained to support all the aforementioned production systems that can speak to the functionality of Java, which, mind you, are in the range of hundreds of thousands. The fact that the “digital torch” being passed from one generation to another is being created using Java code is important especially considering what is on the horizon. Continue reading “Dawn of The IOT, Get Your Java Ready”

Oracle and Mirantis forge OpenStack alliance

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