Synergy Attends the MMSDC Kick Off

Synergy Computer Solutions has been a proud member of the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) since 2000 and every year we look forward to the annual Kick-Off meeting. Michelle Robinson, the head of the MMSDC, lead an enthusiastic group of attendees in taking an in-depth look at what to expect in 2017.. At the forefront of the conversation was Project One.


Synergy Computer Solutions has a longstanding and successful history with Project One. Through Project One, Synergy was able to establish many relationships it still maintains today, leveraged business that was extremely beneficial to our company, and gained insights that have proved to be invaluable. As a Project One alumnus, Synergy’s own Leslie Knitter, has gone on to tutor other former and current members on how to efficiently and effectively utilize the program.


This new installment of the decade old program focuses on connecting certified vendors with new vendors and helping them become more successful members of the MMSDC. This new focus will seek to energize the program, boost corporate engagements for CEOs, and attempt to connect these new enrollees with various chambers of commerce.


Synergy is optimistic about the potential of participating in the newest round of Project One. Seeing how beneficial it was for our company the first time around, as alumni, we will continue to be an outspoken proponent of the program. We look forward to the next event and will continue to do everything we can to uphold the mission of the MMSDC.


Synergy Cares

IMG_4139.JPGWith the holidays coming to a close, we are able to reflect on the year that was, and how fortunate we are. If you are reading this, we can assume you have Internet access, you are utilizing some type of mobile device or a computer, and you are looking at professional blogs instead of “Help Wanted” ads. This would make you more fortunate than most people in the world.

At Synergy Computer Solutions we recognize holidays are not only for spending time with those important to us, but we also see it as a time to give to the less fortunate and help promote worthwhile causes. As we have done in the past, Synergy teamed up with the Detroit Rescue Mission (DRM) to do just that by donating blankets and toiletries to help make the holiday season a little brighter for some of Detroit’s less fortunate.

Making an impact in our local community has always been a priority here at Synergy and we couldn’t think of a better partner to do that with than the Detroit Rescue Mission. The DRM is a Non-Profit Organization with multiple locations around Detroit and has been helping those who have fallen on hard times since 1909. They provide housing for veterans recovering from substance abuse and to women and children in need. In addition to soup kitchens and treatment programs, the DRM provides multiple other services to those less fortunate. By providing comprehensive substance abuse, detox, and job training programs, the Detroit Rescue Mission gives all participants the tools they need to succeed.

Synergy commends the work of this wonderful organization and would like to encourage all of you to start off the New Year right by donating to the Detroit Rescue Mission or any other worthwhile cause. Through the efforts of this community, we can come together and ensure the city of Detroit, and its’ surrounding neighborhoods will have a better and brighter future. When it comes to community outreach, Synergy cares!

Synergy Cares

The saying goes that the holidays are all about giving. If this is truly the case then Synergy Computer Solutions was surely in the holiday spirit for 2015. Not only did Synergy’s employees continue to perform community service that they do independent of the organization, but the company itself made sure others around Detroit had a safe, and happy holiday season.

Organized by Synergy’s Recruiting Manager, Marina Hart, Synergy Computer Solutions “adopted” a family of five for the 2015 holiday season. Being fortunate enough to have this opportunity, Synergy pulled out all the stops to ensure that this family’s Christmas was a merry one. Everything form jeans to scarves, socks to assuring the family had a Christmas dinner, Synergy Computer Solutions provided essential items and made sure there were plenty tidings of comfort and quite a bit of joy in the home of this family – and we could not be happier we had the opportunity to do so.

IMG_2578Synergy, however, did not stop there. As our company has done for the previous two years, we continued the holiday tradition of working with the Detroit Rescue Mission: a ministry-sponsored homeless shelter with multiple locations in the downtown area. In years past, our company has done everything from volunteering in the kitchen to helping feed individuals at the shelter, and has even made monetary donations. This year Synergy donated over 30 blankets to ensure we could spread the warmth for those in need and allow the less fortunate a chance at a hot meal and a warm bed.

No matter the time, Synergy will continue to make a concerted effort to have a positive effect on the Metro Detroit community. Be it through the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council or through community service, Synergy Computer Solutions is and will continue to be active in our community. It does not matter if it’s the holidays or the summer time, Synergy cares.