Minority Women Mastermind Event

IMG_0304.JPGCollaboration is a wonderful thing. The act of people coming together and working towards a collective goal is a major component of what contributes to Synergy’s success, most recently our product line, (check out our company’s collaboration solution Intrakonnect sometime, it’s really cool) but that’s a story for another blog. On March 30th thanks in part to the MMSDC, Synergy’s Rene Bryant had the opportunity to be part of a massive collaboration of some of the best and brightest minds in the business. The Minority Women Mastermind Unveiling Reception was a chance for influential women in southeastern Michigan to come together and brainstorm how they can make a bigger impact in the business world, and better promote and boost enrollment into the MMSDC.
The evening kicked off with a wonderful address from our leading lady, the MMSDC president Michelle Robinson. After a quick intro and a very special thank you to the sponsors that helped host us, the ideas started flowing! Dr. Joe Johnson a professional business coach and trainer. With his guidance, the participants all came together to think of new and innovative ideas to bolster the MMSDC and increase the amount of MBE who are enrolling. Following this, each group pitched their thoughts to the remainder of the group. The exercise was extremely insightful and shed light on all the thing we as MBE organizations should do to actively grow our organization.
Synergy as an organization embraces this opportunity having and continuing to mentor other organizations through the process of becoming an MBE. Since our acceptance into the MMSDC Synergy Computer Solutions has done all we can to educate, promote, and walk other Minority Owned Business through the enrollment process all in the name of expanding the network and doing our part in growing the organization that has given us so much. Synergy will continue to promote the brand, and do everything in our power to make sure new MBE’s can reap the same rewards we all do time and time again!