The Key To Success

india-and-us-flag-0011222015 is winding down, and companies far and wide are beginning to look ahead to next year. Everyone and their brother is considering what trends might be worth jumping at and what ones should be passed over quicker than Aunt Millie’s green bean casserole.  2016 is bound to bring with it plenty of surprises and more plot twists than a Tarantino movie. However, the experts all seem to be agreeing on a few specific things.


There is a beast in the eastern hemisphere and there’s no denying it. An economy is about to be firing on all cylinders and companies are lining up to have first crack at cashing in.  At this point, I’m sure you already know where I’m talking about: it’s one of the most populous countries in the world and has been developing at an unfathomable rate. It should be clear I’m talking about…. wait for it…INDIA.


It might come as a shock to some that India is primed for a breakout blue chip season.  Even Fortune magazine’s Chris Matthews seems to agree stating: “The IMF expects the Indian economy to grow at a 7.3% clip next year, faster than even the Chinese government’s trumped-up numbers. 2016 will be a turning point, in which a much younger and less technologically advanced India surpasses its neighbor to the east to become the fastest growing large economy.”


With numbers like this it’s hard to deny the potential. The country with the second largest population is beginning to see the majority of its inhabitants move into the age where they will be joining the workforce. With the influx in labor and the uptick in jobs, India is primed and ready to be the next boomtown.


With these situations there are two groups that are frequently discussed: the ones who get there in time and those who miss the boat. There is, however, one group that is rarely talked about, and that’s the group that is already there. Synergy Computer Solutions and companies like them have been operating in India for over a decade. So, while others might be jumping on the gravy train headed to Hyderabad, Synergy has been the conductor since the year 2000.


Our company has the connections and wherewithal to be successful on multiple continents and partner with some of the top IT companies in the world. We have the power to provide insight and to provide the best IT solutions available be it on or offshore. We know how to source the top IT talent from India and how to find resources within the United States. Furthermore, Synergy has the ability to leverage custom solutions with the help of our development center in India and can provide the workflows, databases, and applications your company needs to be in a great position to capitalize on this new market opportunity


Everyone is looking to expand and find that new emerging market that can yield new and exciting results but few companies have the ability to take advantage.  Many firms try to tackle a new market without doing their homework or ignoring barriers to entry. You would have better luck avoiding bears while covered in honey. It’s the entity that learns to adapt the quickest who will be the one that experiences long-standing success.  There are many ways to do this and break down the door but wouldn’t you rather partner with a company that holds the key?  Leverage key IT solutions and innovations to tap into new and emerging markets? WE DO THAT.india office