Not many things in IT last 20 years…We DID.

20th Anniversary20 years… a lot can change in 20 years. We have had four different presidents. Gas prices have gone from a buck a gallon to north of 4 dollars. We have moved from tape decks to Bluetooth speakers. The landscape of the world we knew in 1995 has been drastically altered, but one thing has remained constant. Synergy Computer Solutions. Despite a tech bubble bust that dammed most pre Y2K consulting businesses Synergy has consistently found a way to not only survive a very fast paced and ever changing IT industry, but has managed to thrive in it. The reason? The company operates with the mentality of creating enterprise value. Sridhar Guduguntla Synergy Computer Solutions President and CEO has preached this since the inception of the company, and it has paid major dividends. Synergy employees know they are all contributing and working to add value to the company not just their own personal position. There has always been a mentality of do what is good for Synergy and put Synergy first and that corporate culture has led to happy employees, and a fruitful company. The journey has seen Synergy reside in three separate corporate headquarters in the metro Detroit area, four if you count the basement the company started in. We have been on three continents and seen offices in cities spanning from Houston Texas to Columbia South Carolina. No matter the location Synergy’s mission stays the same, provide the best resources to solve IT problems quickly and effectively. This is what allowed Synergy to be a constant. our ability to get to know our clients, our ability to source the best possible resources and do so in a economical and timely manner. While the world around us may has changed, Synergy’s abilities have only gotten better. We have added an offshore development center, we have developed new talent sourcing techniques, and are even pioneering our own innovative solutions. they say only the strong survive. it would seem as though Synergy Computer Solutions is now stronger and more versatile than ever. Here is to twenty more years and all the changes that will come about with them. We hope that one thing however,  will remain the same. You continue to let Synergy Computer solutions solve your IT problems, because as we has been the case for the past 20 years, WE DO THAT!

Thank you and cheers,

-Synergy Staff-


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