Instant Get-Ification: By Mark Smith

What is Instant get-ification? It’s the era we live in now. Customers, clients, buyers want it all and they want it now. That’s instant get-ification.

How does instant get-ification look? Well, how long are you willing to wait for a web-page to load before you give up on it? A minute? Please…30 seconds? 10 seconds? Any longer than five seconds and your mouse is hovering over the “close” button, isn’t it? How long will you wait for an app to respond on your phone? What about that order from Amazon – can’t a drone get it here today? How about your coffee at Starbucks? How long will you wait before you honk at the guy in front of you at the stoplight?

Instant get-ification is a key component of what Forrester Research calls the, “Age of the Customer.” It’s all about the customer and how quickly and easily they can get what they want. See the graphic below and you’ll get the point.get 1

I recently attended this discussion held by Forrester Research at the Colorado History Museum, (kind of ironic), where they defined this Age of the Customer and especially how it relates to Synergy – well, at least the IT function here.

So how does instant get-ification and this “Age of the Customer” affect the IT function in most companies including Synergy? Greatly, if you ask the folks at Forrester. In fact they even have a new term for Information Technology. Now it’s called BT or Business Technology because it’s no longer about Information Technology for information’s sake. Now it’s technology for the sake of the time-and-service-obsessed customers of that business in particular.

It used to be that the majority of the work done in IT departments focused on internal tasks like email, reports, intranets, and other non-customer facing responsibilities. But now a greater portion of the IT spend is going towards outside, external, customer-facing applications and functionalities. This can include the website, customer portals, e-commerce, external communications, appointment scheduling, and mobile-device enablement. This is technology meant to help customers rather than supplying information for internal users.

That’s not to say that Information Technology is going away. The function still exists but it is moving outside of the company’s building and into the cloud. And the budget for traditional IT services is also rapidly decreasing and being replaced by dollars spent on Business Technology instead – as you see here:get 2

How to use this news? First, of course, is the acknowledgement that technology is continuing to evolve. That’s not exactly a ground-breaking statement but it still needs to be said. Even within Synergy, watch for innovations designed to help our customers more so than our employees. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s necessary for our survival as a firm.

And from my own sales and marketing perspective, this means I must evolve as a sales and marketing professional. Today, the vast majority of my contacts are in IT and are working on traditional IT problems.

Perhaps now I should be spending more time and effort calling into the business areas of an account such as sales organizations, client service teams, billing, and external communications… because here at Synergy Computer Solutions, we solve IT problems AND we solve business problems.


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