Oracle and Mirantis forge OpenStack alliance

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Another day another OpenStack alliance. This time out, database kingpin Oracle is working with Mirantis to make sure that the Oracle 12c database will run on OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

OpenStack is an open-source cloud framework backed by Red Hat [fortune-stock symbol=”RHT”] , Rackspace [fortune-stock symbol=”RAX”], Hewlett-Packard [fortune-stock symbol=”HPQ”], Cisco [fortune-stock symbol=”CSCO”] and others as the basis of their own cloud efforts. And Mirantis, which started out as a specialist in tying together and testing various OpenStack components from many vendors but then decided to offer its own version, is working with most of those companies. In fact, it has already worked with Oracle to make sure OpenStack runs well with Oracle’s version of the Linux operating system and virtualization technology.

But the database remains the central key to the Oracle [fortune-stock symbol=”ORCL”] kingdom. It is used by most Fortune 500 companies, actually by most big companies, period, so this pact…

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