Companies “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” Policy Creates Opportunity for Recruiting Agencies.

According to the US News and World Report 100 Best Jobs Study, 4 out of the 11 most desired jobs are in the rapidly growing field of Information Technology (IT). Companies are scooping up web developers, software developers, and computer systems analysts at an alarming rate. With everythingChart 1.JPG around us seemingly becoming automated, going digital or transitioning to an online service, the technology Industry is primed for massive growth by 2020. According to an independent study, the Information Technology industry has grown almost 14 times faster than the overall economy over the past 14 years. Temporary IT staffing alone is expected to jump 7% in 2015 and become a 20 billion dollar industry. With the amount of qualified individuals starting to rise along with the demand, all signs point to major growth in the IT Sector for years to come.

Growth does however come with a guarded optimism. Companies are posting more jobs than we have seen in ten years, but, according to the Wall Street Journal are taking an exponentially longer time to hire new employees. Chalk it up to fear of another “great recession” or the fact that some companies Chart 2.pngseem to be getting the cold feet when it comes to committing to IT professionals who might not be able to fulfill the task that these new jobs require. Never before have we seen such stingy requirements for entry-level positions or time devoted to screening and recruiting candidates. A recent study shows companies on average are taking almost five days longer to make staffing decisions than they were five years ago. That’s taking almost an additional full weeks worth of time to render an HR decision. What’s the key word there? Time spent. Employers are investing time into filling a position they fear may not be available in the near future; instead of allocating those efforts into tasks that directly generate revenue. That affects the all-important bottom line.With firms tentative about long-term commitment or having only a need for IT support on only a project by project basis, a unique opportunity has birthed a new industry altogether—enter IT Consulting and Staffing firms

You have an IT problem? That’s our IT opportunity! It’s the mentality of many companies in a brand new industry created by this recent demand in demand for qualified IT professionals. A new service based around providing permanent or temporary staffing, project consulting, or internal IT solutions has arisen on the heels of this uptick in demand for qualified employees. It’s not just big box firms either. Mid sized companies are grabbing a foothold of the market share and they aren’t looking back. Companies like Synergy Computer Solutions, a Mid sized corporation based out of Michigan, has been making a name for itself for the past 20 years “solving IT problems” of clients. Chart 3.pngWant to outsource your IT dilemma to Synergy? They can handle it and get it done on time and within budget.  If the client prefers to execute the project internally but does not think they have the time or resources to get it done? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar companies like Synergy can take the guess-work out of the process and pair your company with someone who is a perfect match for that specific IT project or position with their precise staffing and consulting capabilities. These Mid size companies are providing clients the human capital needed to carry out day-to-day operations or the ability to deliver on specific projects be it short or long-term. Let it be known they are sparing no expense making sure they are able to fulfill the rapidly changing industry needs. Synergy for example, just created a new Offshore Development Center to ensure they are able to provide their clients with the most specialized resources possible, and maintain current relationships in addition to establishing new ones. Other companies are following suit, as they rush to make this small niche staffing industry big business. With companies like these on the rise, the future of thIs new industry looks bright for many years to come.


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